Energy & Sustainability

The energy landscape is poised to change and evolve exponentially in the next decade.

The energy landscape is poised to change radically in the next decade and we are committed to supporting organizations that are accelerating the transition to a more sustainable future. We work across the energy industry from renewable energy developers and suppliers to private equity funds supporting the development of advanced technologies and policies to sustainability-focused organizations that can change our world for the better.

We understand the complex challenges, opportunities and solutions in this rapidly evolving field – from the underlying technologies to the policy nuances, from the environmental benefits to the economic benefits, and across the wide spectrum of public perception surrounding renewable, sustainable, green, clean, “cleaner,” and other key energy distinctions. Our work has helped to clearly articulate the nuances of emerging technologies, amplify the positive impact that companies are having on customers and the world, and empower clean-energy innovators to grow their businesses

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