Our People

We are passionate, solution-oriented problem solvers undaunted by challenges and inspired by opportunities. We create communications that engage audiences, move businesses and change hearts and minds. We care deeply about our clients who rely on us to understand their urgency and business. We are our clients' trusted advisors.

Headshot of Amy Binder.

Amy Binder

CEO & Chairman

Rebecca Binder


Headshot of Atalanta Rafferty.

Atalanta Rafferty

Co-Founder and Senior Executive Managing Director

Headshot of David Weinstock.

David Weinstock

Chief Creative Officer

Headshot of Jason Buerkle.

Jason Buerkle

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Tom Szauer.

Tom Szauer

Chief Technology Officer

Headshot of Steve Weinberg.

Steven Weinberg

Vice Chairman

Headshot of Bill McBride.

Bill McBride

Executive Managing Director

Thomas Walek

Senior Counselor

Armel Leslie

Executive Managing Director

Headshot of Esther Aubry.

Esther Aubry

Executive Producer

Headshot of Sofi Biviano.

Sofi Biviano

Senior Director

Headshot of Craig Blakaitis.

Craig Blakaitis

Senior Managing Director

Headshot of Alyssa Carino.

Alyssa Carino

Associate Director, Paid Media

Headshot of Ben Connor.

Ben Connor


Headshot of Avery Darida.

Avery Darida

Associate Director

Headshot for Tovah Duffaut.

Tovah Duffaut


Headshot of Kevin Duggan.

Kevin Duggan

Managing Director of Paid Media Strategy

Headshot of Jack Dulin.

Jack Dulin


Headshot for Jillian Watts.

Jillian Eisenbies

Managing Director

Headshot of Candice Elliot.

Candice Elliott

Managing Director of Talent

Headshot of Jim Furrer.

Jim Furrer

Head of Consumer Media

Headshot of Danielle Gallagher.

Danielle Gallagher


Headshot of Emily Gallagher.

Emily Gallagher

Senior Associate

Headshot of Laura Gray.

Laura Gray

Wine Industry Counselor

Headshot of Diane Hacke-Bell.

Diane Hacke-Bell

Accounts Payable Clerk and Billing Assistant

Headshot of Anna Hansen.

Anna Hansen


Headshot of Kiley Harris.

Kiley Harris

Associate Director

Headshot of Krysta Hartono.

Krysta Hartono

Design Director

Headshot of Cassidy Havens.

Cassidy Havens

Managing Director

Headshot of Maggie Kauderer.

Maggie Kauderer


Headshot for Cecelia Kersten.

Cecelia Kersten


Vaibhav Kumar


Headshot of Jenna Lehan.

Jenna Lehan

Associate Director

Headshot of Davis MacMillan.

Davis Macmillan

Senior Managing Director

Headshot of Will Maroni.

Will Maroni

Senior Managing Director

Headshot of Jill Metzger.

Jill Metzger

Senior Director, Sustainability and Organizational Development

Headshot of Hali Michael.

Hali Michael

Senior Client Billing Analyst

Headshot for Damien Moore-Evans.

Damien Moore-Evans

Senior Managing Director of Growth

Headshot of Emily Oh.

Emily Oh

Senior Associate

Headshot of Kelly Paschall.

Kelly Paschall

Senior Production Coordinator

Heashot of Monika Ploc

Monika Ploc

Managing Director

Headshot of Camisha Prince.

Camisha Prince

Senior Talent Coordinator and Office Manager

Headshot of Katie Richanbach.

Katie Richanbach

Design Director

Headshot of Bruce Schneider.

Bruce Schneider

Wine Industry Counselor

Headshot for Ava Seave.

Ava Seave

Strategic Advisor

Morrison “Mo” Shafroth

Senior Managing Director

Headshot of Haley Silvers.

Haley Silvers

Senior Director

Headshot of Wayne Simpkins.

Wayne Simpkins

Executive Assistant to CEO

Headshot of Paige Thornton.

Paige Thornton

Senior Director

Headshot of Abigail Toppin.

Abigail Toppin

IT Analyst