Financial Services

Financial communications and reputation management that drives measurable impact.

Few businesses face greater opportunities or greater risks than those faced by financial institutions. For more than two decades, our team’s deep understanding of the financial services sector has enabled our clients to seize their greatest opportunities while minimizing their exposure to risk. We have successfully guided our clients through major crises, both global and local, economic and reputational. We have built and reshaped major financial brands. Most importantly, we’ve helped our clients to establish positions of market leadership within their respective competitive sets.

Our team brings deep experience working across a wide cross-section of the financial services industry, including banking insurance, asset and wealth management, payments and fintech startups. Our industry expertise has enabled us to develop compelling business-driven narratives for our clients, to meaningfully engage key stakeholders, and to navigate market volatility, technological transitions, M&As, IPOs and more. We position our clients as industry leaders, amplifying their key messages, differentiating them from competitors, and building trust across the full range of critical stakeholders, from customers, investors and partners to regulators and legislators.

RFB|Peaks Strategies

RFB|Peaks Strategies delivers innovative communications solutions to clients across financial services, capital markets, financial technology, traditional and alternative asset management and more. We partner with companies to clarify, differentiate, promote and protect reputations and brands in today’s demanding marketplace.

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