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Recognizing Our Civic Duty on Election Day

By Amy Binder

A collection of I Voted stickers.

Below are excerpts from an internal memo from Amy Binder to the RF|Binder team regarding the upcoming Midterm Elections

As everyone knows, tomorrow is election day and as one of our Civic Engagement days, our offices are closed.

In my mind, tomorrow is in many ways the most important day of the year. Over the past couple of years, our democracy has continued to be put to the test and many have been discussing if it is coming to an end. History has shown us that nations go through cycles and while it is not clear where our country is in this cycle, democracy is not something I believe we should take for granted. We must exercise our right to vote in order to keep it going.

I am convinced that if each of us stands up and makes our views known, we have an important opportunity at ensuring that democracy is maintained in this country. While we may not have the outcomes we want in any given election, over time our votes will have an impact and we can help create the type of world and society we would like to leave as our legacy.

One thing we know for sure from recent elections is that every single vote can make a difference. It is for this reason we have made Election Day one of our Civic Engagement days to ensure everyone has the ability and time to vote.

So, I hope that everyone of us will be voting tomorrow (if you have not done so already via early voting) and I hope you will encourage everyone you know to do the same. Our Voting Committee has sent out resources around where to vote as well as how you can volunteer if you are interested. The material is very helpful and I have shared it with a number of friends who were looking for information about the election. Please feel free to share the material.

Thank you all for making a difference in our country by exercising your civic right.


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