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Resources to Support Those Affected by the Devastating Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

By Amy Binder

Red Cross flag waving in the wind.

Below are excerpts from an internal memo from Amy Binder to the RF|Binder team regarding the recent earthquake that devastated parts of Turkey and Syria

Dear RF|Binder team,

As I’m sure you know, earlier this week there was an earthquake of incredible magnitude with very powerful aftershocks that devastated parts of Turkey and Syria, leading to unbelievable human tragedy. This is the largest earthquake to have hit the region in 100 years and is impacting millions of people.

Death tolls have already surpassed 20,000 and the World Health Organization earlier this week stated 23 million people could be affected by the disaster. The epicenter in Southern Turkey and Northern Syria are completely destroyed, with thousands of buildings collapsed. The situation is particularly severe in Syria, where the UN says nearly 70% of the population was already in need of humanitarian assistance prior to the earthquake, which has only been exacerbated by this tragedy.

We wanted to acknowledge this horrible tragedy and share our heartfelt condolences and thoughts to those affected by this disaster.

For those who want to help with relief efforts, below are a list of vetted organizations that are helping with relief efforts. We as a firm already have made a contribution to Doctors without Borders.

All my best,


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