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The Deadline: October 12 2022

By Rebecca Epps

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Industry News

Facebook and Google Lift the Political Ad Ban.

Facebook will now allow advertisers to resume running political and social issue ads in the U.S. Facebook and Google had instituted political bans to slow the spread of misinformation and curb confusion around the presidential election and its aftermath. Facebook said they have been working intensely to refine the process to avoid future confusion or concerns. They announced that advertisers who have completed the ad authorization process could submit new ads.

Will the Streaming World Eliminate Late-Night Talk Shows?

Network television has enjoyed tremendous success with late-night programming for many years. However, as streaming has grown and network TV audiences and advertising revenue have decreased, concerns that late-night programming may be the latest genre to be impacted by the broad shift are affecting almost every aspect of the entertainment industry. Revenue has decreased 16% from 2021 to today, causing severe industry moves like Trevor Noah leaving “The Daily Show” next year and James Corden, host of CBS “The Late Late Show,” will also go.

Despite its Numerous Issues, TikTok is Still a Brand Marketing Favorite.

There are several challenges with TikTok, including internal conflicts, privacy concerns, and alarming content, however, this has not stopped marketers and users from keeping it at the top. TikTok continues to take ad dollars from Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and even TV, despite all the warnings in the U.S from political leaders whose national security concerns could spark regulatory authorities to act against TikTok. As TikTok continues to focus on video shopping, catalog listing, and live shopping, this will become the new future for advertisers and consumers.

Social Media Causes Conflict in the Elections

The major social media platforms have all stated that they are prepared to deal with an overflow of misinformation surrounding the November midterm elections. However, according to a report they continue to undermine the integrity of the vote by allowing election-related conspiracy theories to linger and spread. The major platforms — Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube — have all made promises or launched initiatives to combat disinformation ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, pledging to protect the election process. However, the report by the Stern Center for Business and Human Rights at New York University said that those measures were ineffective, inconsistently enforced, or simply too limited.

Career Moves

James Downie leaves The Washington Post for MSNBC

James Downie, the digital opinions editor at The Washington Post, has left after 11 years to write and edit for MSNBC Daily. Previously, he worked for The New Republic and Foreign Policy magazine.

Stuart Leavenworth Joins the Washington Post Climate Desk.

Stuart Leavenworth is joining The Washington Post as the Climate & Environment department’s policy, politics, and power editor. Leavenworth previously worked at Los Angeles Times as an enterprise and environment editor. He began his career as an editor and reporter for The News & Observer Publishing Company, where he worked for over seven years.

The New York Times Appoints a New International News Director

Alison Mitchell has been promoted to the international desk as International News Director after working for over 20 years at the Times. She began her career at The New York Times as a Washington Correspondent for over seven years.

Political Reporter Dylan Wells Leaves USA Today

Dylan Wells will join The Washington Post as a campaign reporter after October 10th. Wells was a congress, campaigns, and politics reporter at USA Today. Before that, she was at the National Journal, where she served as a fellow, staff correspondent, and national political correspondent. Dylan started her career at CNN as a news associate.

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