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The Deadline: September 28 2022

By Rebecca Epps

The Deadline - Media Intelligence Newsletter.

Industry News

NBCUniversal Commits to Nonprofit Storytelling

NBCUniversal will launch its own Creative Impact Lab, which restructures the company’s social intent on nonprofit storytelling and provides a broader set of opportunities for diverse backgrounds to appear and sharpen their production skills. NBCUniversal will leverage its current partnership to support students who want to pursue a career in this area as well as provide grants to organizations. This initiative promotes more equity in the tech sector through high-quality storytelling.

In memory of Jim Russel, Founder of Marketplace

Jim Russel founded Marketplace in 1989 with a vision to create a business news show that would appeal to mass audiences, not just executives and investors. He was one of the first to launch his journalism business in California instead of New York. Currently, the “Marketplace” broadcast portfolio is heard by more than 12 million listeners weekly on more than 800 public radio stations nationwide. Russell was one of the first three reporters hired by National Public Radio. At NPR, he went on to produce “All Things Considered” and helped to create “Morning Edition.” Russel was 76 years old.

The Latest News Industry, Based on Pew Research Center 

The news industry has been transitioning away from print, television, and radio into more digital spaces. Based on their recent study, 82% of adults say they usually get their news from smartphones, computers, or tablets. However, the growth of this percentage has slowed down since 2020, when 60% of individuals often got their news from online sources, while today, only 49% do. The portion that gets news from digital devices continues to outpace those who get news from television.

Consumers are Focusing Heavily on Social Impact

Consumers are now looking for companies that are making a larger social impact. Amazon Ad and Environics research surveyed U.S consumers and found that over 77% of them respond to brands that play an essential role in advocating for positive social and environmental change. 50% of respondents stated that factors related to DE&I have become more important to them over the past three years as 72% of consumer respondents said they want to see more diversity in advertising.

Career Moves

Reuters Names New East Africa Deputy Bureau Chief

Aaron Ross was recently promoted to East Africa Deputy Bureau Chief. He was a correspondent for West and Central Africa. Before joining Reuters, he was a journalist at The Economist, GlobalPost. He started his career in journalism as a Journalist in Everywhere. Aaron has a BA in History from The University of Pennsylvania.

New Appointed President for MarketWatch

This week, Dow Jones CEO announced that Dan Dhar will now be serving as the new president for both IBD and MarketWatch. Dan has worked as president for IBD for over seven years and will now be more of an advisor for transition, integration, and investing. Before joining Dow Jones, he was a chief director officer for Maxim Inc. magazine for a little over a year. Dan began his career at Conde Nast and worked there in several roles for 14 years. He has a BA in Communication and marketing from the University of Pennsylvania.

Jennifer Griffin Named New Fox News Chief National Security Correspondent

Jennifer Griffin was promoted to Chief National Security Correspondent based at the Pentagon, where she focuses on defense or national security-related news. Griffin joined Fox News full-time in 1999, serving as its Jerusalem correspondent before shifting to the national security beat. She got her BA from Harvard University in Political Science and Government.

New Washington Post Climate and Weather Reporters

Two new reporters have joined the climate team for Washington Post. Amudalat Ajasa will be writing about extreme weather and climate change affecting the world. Before joining Washington Post, she was a reporting intern for The New York Times. She has also worked as a freelance reporter for The Guardian and News21. Scott Dance will focus on the intersection between weather, climate, society, and the environment. Scott was previously an environment reporter for The Baltimore Sun for the past 10 years. He recently was part of the Abrams Nieman Fellowship in local investigative journalism from Harvard University.

Publication Spotlight

Fortune Crypto Newsletter Launches

Fortune Crypto has officially launched. The newsletter provides intelligent and timely news about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and how startups and big companies use blockchain to transform finance. The site reflects how crypto has become an integral part of finance and business news and how Fortune, the first site to have a Crypto brand, will incorporate this topic into high-end journalism. Coverage will be mainly on new crypto technologies and the growing role of banks and other big “TradFi” companies as they build their blockchain capabilities. The newsletter will initially launch as an email every morning from Monday to Friday. New York Deputy Editor Justin Doom will focus on features about top executives in the industry.

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