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Move Over Resolution Season: Top Health & Wellness Trends – That Every Brand Should Know About – And Are Here to Stay in 2024

By Craig Blakaitis

With the pressure of January and “resolution season” now behind us, February is a great time for consumers to embrace new healthy habits and routines. Think about it – not only is it a short month but the pressure of Dry January and keeping up those better-for-you routines feels less omnipresent.

So, as we fully embrace February and forgo the pressures of potential resolutions, we’re sharing our top health and wellness trends that should be on every brand’s radar this coming year.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate: Consumers have increasingly become obsessed with hydrating and water alone simply won’t do. From flavored #WaterTok recipes to flavor innovation in still and sparkling water and the serious rise of non-alcoholic beverages (a recent Gallup Poll survey revealed that 62% of adults under 35 drink, down from 72% just two decades ago), it’s all about variety and meeting consumers where they are with out-of-the-box flavors and new offerings. And, increasingly packaging matters – as concerns over microplastics in bottles are growing.

The Big Unplug: From podcasts to audio books and music streaming (which according to Statista is seriously on the rise, with 1.1 billion consumers expected to subscribe to a service by 2028), we are all guilty of surrounding ourselves with screens and noise. What started as a return to “dumb” phones over the past year has morphed into a trend that’s all about being silent. From silent walks to silent travel experiences, it’s all about disconnecting to reconnect with ourselves. And from a brand standpoint, it’s all about curating experiences that lean into the silence in a way that’s ownable to you – and wildly different for consumers.

Get Some Sleep: Not getting enough sleep or sleeping poorly can greatly impact your mental health according to a new study that looks at over 50 years of research. Sleep is becoming increasingly linked to mental health and consumers can’t seem to get enough with viral remedies for a good night sleep, like the Sleepy Girl Mocktail, all over social media. And what’s more, bedtime is getting earlier – especially among younger demographics. Today, it’s all about how brands can become part of the routine – leaning into the whole scene from prep to lights out.

AI Gets Personal: Personalization has always gone hand-in-hand with wellness, with nearly a quarter of consumers seeking products and services that use biometric data to provide recommendations according to McKinsey. And this coming year we expect to see AI only enhance the watches and wearables consumers use, providing greater personalization through custom wellness routines and dietary advice based on real time data. And we see real potential – and increased mindshare – for smart partnerships and collaborations between food and personal tech brands driven by AI.

Spark Some Joy, Get a Hobby: Hobbies aren’t just about filling time – they’ve been linked to cognitive health benefits, can slow cognitive decline and can release dopamine to help spark some real joy. And the conversation on hobbies and mental health is all over social media. From journaling and cooking to gardening and crocheting the notion of “cozy hobbies” and their impact on mental health is having a moment.

Looking to better understand the trends that impact your brand and how best to capture them? Get in touch with RF|Binder, leaders in the health and wellness PR space.

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