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Two Is Better Than One: Leveraging Brand Partnerships for Growth

By Haley Silvers

Different brand logos next to each other depicting brand partnerships between Stanley and Starbucks, Dr. Pepper and Coffee Mate, Uber Eats and TGI Fridays, and Pringles and The Caviar Co

Keeping your brand relevant in an always-on world where media seemingly never stops is a major challenge. But relevancy is necessary for growth, so brands must find a way to cut through the noise and keep their brand top of mind – and one key way to do that is through partnerships.

When done correctly, teaming up with another brand is one of the best ways to drive relevancy and awareness. Not only do your customers get excited about something new, but you’re also able to drive mindshare and acquire new customers. Plus, teaming up with another brand often means shared resources, which could be benefiting from additional budget, access to vendors, and even collaboration with influencers.

So how do you execute a successful brand partnership? At RF|Binder, we’ve worked with many brands to activate partnerships that get consumers and reporters excited, and move the needle from a business perspective. From executing partnerships like Auntie Anne’s and CashApp National Auntie Day collaboration that dished out free pretzels and cash to fans (like any good aunt would do), to TGI Fridays and Uber Eats 4/20 partnership which delivered the brand’s Blazed and Glazed Bundle to consumers right when those munchies hit, there are certain factors necessary to create a successful partnership:

  • Must be authentic to your brand (and your potential partners)
  • Must create consumer obsession and trigger that “gotta have” feeling
  • Must be different from what others are offering.

Here’s a look at recent brand partnerships that accomplished the factors above to create the consumer crave needed to lead to a successful collaboration:

Coffee Mate and Dr. Pepper ‘Dirty Soda’

There’s always a new trend on social media, and while they aren’t all worth participating in, the ones with staying power certainly can be. A beverage that’s popular in Utah, the ‘Dirty Soda’, initially went viral in 2022 and was made with Coke, Coffee Mate Coconut Creamer, and lime. As the beverage gained popularity over the next year, consumers put their own spin on the viral trend, using various soda brands and many different flavors of creamer, but there was one mainstay throughout most content – Coffee Mate.

The brand took advantage of this long-standing virality through a partnership with Dr. Pepper, introducing the first ever ‘Dirty Soda’ product to retail. The partnership was covered in publications like TODAY and People and prompted consumers to flock to stores to buy the creamer – often along with Dr. Pepper too – and create content testing out the trendy beverage. Many shelves were quickly emptied of the Dirty Soda collaboration, leading customers to recreate the beverage, generating even more sales and social content for both brands.

Stanley & Starbucks’ Valentine’s Day Tumblers

Stanley has been on a run that many brands dream of and their most recent partnership with Starbucks has continued to catapult the brand. The pair teamed up to create a line of limited-edition cups for Valentine’s Day that were available exclusively at Target. It led to consumers camping out to be the first in line, the cups selling out online in just five minutes, and being resold for $215 – almost 330% more than the original price. While the in-store scenario may have been chaotic, it’s just an indication of how much this collaboration resonated with both the fans of Stanley and Starbucks.

Working with a brand that makes sense for your audience is a key factor for a successful partnership and that’s what made Stanley and Starbucks such a perfect pair. Their customers are known for loving trying and buying all the newest offerings and their similar purchasing habits sent the limited edition collaboration tumblers flying off shelves.

Pringles x The Caviar Co. ‘Crisps and Caviar Collection’.

People love Bravo, especially the Real Housewives franchise, and the Pringles x The Caviar Co. collaboration put that fan love on true display. In season 14 of The Real Housewives of New York, cast member Erin Lichy invited her fellow ladies to her home in the Hamptons where she served Pringles topped with Caviar. The high-low snack went viral on social media, garnering billions of views that led to Pringles and The Caviar Co. quickly tapping into the trend while the RHONY season was still airing, to create the ‘Crisps and Caviar Collection’.

The collection featured three offerings ranging from $49 – $140 that were available for purchase online. The limited-time offer, which sold out almost immediately, led to excitement from consumers and Bravo’s biggest stars alike, who rushed to social media to share their experience. The snacking trend and brand collaboration were extremely popular and likely helped play a part in the growth of the caviar category.

With so many ways to approach brand partnerships, landing on a concept and partner that makes sense for your brand is imperative. We’d love to discuss how to execute an impactful brand partnership that will help your brand grow. Get in touch!

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