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Looking Through The Clarity Lens to Supercharge Your Storytelling

By Amy Binder

Clarity Matters

This is the first piece in a three-part series about RF|Binder’s new strategic framework: The Clarity Lens. Follow along to learn more.

This week, RF|Binder unveiled a new strategic framework to guide our work both as an organization and for our clients: The Clarity Lens.

This new framework provides a more effective – and frankly, clearer – approach for ideating, developing and deploying highly impactful communications and business strategies. And while the framework itself is new, it’s grounded in the excellent work that our teams and our clients have already been doing for the past two-plus decades.

At the core, it means we’re putting a stake in the ground and saying that Clarity matters. But why exactly is Clarity so important? And what makes the Clarity Lens so impactful?

At the highest level, our Clarity Lens is about ensuring alignment across a range of factors, but perhaps most importantly between your business strategy and your communications strategy.

At RF|Binder, we’ve long considered ourselves “business builders,” beginning every new engagement by ensuring we understand and can support the client’s business objectives. We believe that any effective communications strategy must be developed and deployed in lockstep with an organization’s business strategy. Communications has the power to drive business growth – but only if it is both driven by and factored into the business strategy.

The Clarity Lens was designed to help do just that. Through our approach, we take careful stock of your business objectives, your target audiences, and the channels and assets that you have at your disposal to reach and influence them. We evaluate exactly who you are, who you seek to become, and the path that you’ll take to get there – from both a business and a communications perspective.

The Clarity Lens is a means to move away from simple “storytelling” for storytelling’s sake, and toward a more unified central narrative and storytelling framework that can directly drive business success. Any brand can tell a story, but the Clarity Lens connects your story with your purpose and business strategy.

Capital-C Clarity doesn’t just convey the “what” of your story – it illuminates the “why,” and it does so in a way that will resonate with your audiences.

By leveraging the Clarity Lens to define and align your business strategy and your communications strategy, you can directly drive value and business growth for your organization.

Simple enough, right? Aligning your business and communications strategies is straightforward in principle, but doing it effectively takes work. It means having all of the right people in the room when developing and aligning your organization’s strategy. It means ensuring that communications never operates in a silo or as an afterthought. And it means keeping a careful eye on several factors that many communications and business leaders sometimes take for granted.

In our next post, we’ll begin to dig into some of the most important factors to consider, by exploring exactly what we mean when we use the word “Clarity.”

Curious about how RF|Binder can improve the Clarity of your brand? Contact us today to learn more.


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