RF|Binder Media Intelligence: March 2021

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CNBC Launches a New Show
CNBC will replace “Squawk Alley,” a technology-focused hour that has been slotted at 11 a.m. since May 2014, with “TechCheck.” The new show will premiere on April 5, and will be anchored by Jon Fortt and Carl Quintanilla from CNBC’s New Jersey studios, while Deirdre Bosa will join from California. The show will focus on FAANG stocks, emerging public companies and tech start-ups, while addressing big changes in sectors including energy, transportation, gaming and media. http://bit.ly/3uFuIBX
Bloomberg Names Boston Bureau Chief
Carey Goldberg will be joining Bloomberg as Boston bureau chief. The CommonHealth editor at WBUR (Boston’s NPR affiliate), Carey previously served as the Boston bureau chief of The New York Times, Moscow correspondent for The Los Angeles Times, and a health/science reporter for The Boston Globe. http://bit.ly/3dRY1eR
WSJ Adds a New Beat
Wall Street Journal reporter Emily Glazer is moving to a new beat covering business leaders and the power they wield. She will be helping to cover big businesses and business leaders, by focusing on developing sources with boards, CEOs and their advisers. She recently covered tech, money and politics during the 2020 election season. http://bit.ly/305OBUF
Al Jazeera Launches Right-Leaning News Outlet
Al Jazeera, the Qatar-funded media company, wants to build a new audience among American conservatives, as it prepares to launch a news platform called Rightly. The digital venture pairs the Arab company with political commentators such as Stephen Kent, who will host an interview-based show on the platform. The push to launch a new platform in the U.S. comes five years after Al Jazeera shut down its ambitious Al Jazeera America cable news channel. https://bit.ly/3dW1War
Black News Channel Broadens Reach
Black News Channel has expanded its reach more than 20-fold in about seven months, part of its new chief executive’s ambitious plan to shake up the cable-TV news landscape and provide an alternative that looks through the lens of Black Americans. Since he took over the channel last July, Chief Executive Princell Hair has struck distribution deals  with Xfinity, DirecTV, Dish Network and others, boosting its potential audience to more than 52 million households from roughly 2.5 million. http://bit.ly/2NNZJTP
Pandemic Drives Nonprofit Media Boom
A nonprofit consortium of nonprofit journalism organizations had a record 28% membership growth last year. Why it matters: The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed some struggling newsrooms to embrace the nonprofit model, an arrangement that allows news companies to accept charitable donations while still being able to sell ads and subscriptions. http://bit.ly/3b2BeuK
NYT Calls for Workplace Changes
Top executives at The New York Times said in a note to the staff that they were committed to bringing about fundamental changes to the company’s workplace culture in an effort to make the newsroom and other Times divisions more diverse and inclusive. http://nyti.ms/2NN6Bkk
Marty Baron’s Exit Interview
The legendary Washington Post editor Marty Baron exit interview tour continues.  In an interview with Vanity Fair, Baron said he feels optimistic about the news. “Whether I feel optimistic about newspapers is a different matter. I am concerned about hedge funds that are buying news organizations and who seem to have as their intention stripping them of the available cash and then watching them die and treating them as an annuity essentially.”  http://bit.ly/3bLDBRW
Memes As Vehicles for Misinformation
Wall Street’s populist uprising, the Capitol siege and a strong U.S. anti-vaccination movement show the power of memes in spreading misinformation and influencing communities online. http://bit.ly/3uJf8VU

New Health Care Reporter at Bloomberg
Fiona Rutherford is now a U.S. health care reporter at Bloomberg. Previously, she was news editor – social and video production at Bloomberg Quicktake. http://bit.ly/3sXy8yn
Bloomberg’s Pandemic Coverage
Bloomberg News economics reporter Shawn Donnan is now covering the impact of the pandemic on consumers. He will focus on how people in the U.S. and around the world are emerging from this economic crisis, having had their lives and livelihoods reshaped. He previously was covering world trade and globalization. http://bit.ly/3eqaJBw
Insider Adds VC/Startups Reporter 
Insider has hired April Joyner as a reporter to cover venture capital and startups. She will start later this month. Joyner is currently a markets correspondent at Reuters, where she focuses on U.S. stocks. http://bit.ly/3rsyU67
Politico Shuffles Energy Reporters
Politico energy reporter Kelsey Tamburrino is moving to a new beat covering renewable energy while breaking news reporter Matthew Choi will begin covering energy. Choi will also edit the Morning Energy newsletter. http://bit.ly/30nqZLG
Teen Vogue Selects Top Editor
Alexi McCammond, a political reporter at Axios, will be the next editor in chief of Teen Vogue. Ms. McCammond, 27, made her name covering the 2018 midterm elections and Joseph R. Biden’s presidential campaign. She has also been a frequent contributor to NBC and MSNBC. In her new role, she will lead the Teen Vogue team across digital, video and social media. http://nyti.ms/38llgdx
Kayleigh McEnany Joins Fox News
Fox News had signed former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany as a contributor to offer commentary on various network programs. http://bit.ly/38kl4Lx
Journalists Rebel at NewsNation
Two top editors at the NewNation’s new prime-time newscast resigned amid staff complaints of a right-wing tilt and concern over the involvement of the former Fox News chief Bill Shine. http://nyti.ms/3cckroE
Bloomberg Tests Paid Virtual Events
Bloomberg Media is now experimenting with charging for its online event. Like other publishers that sought a lifeline as the Covid-19 pandemic enforced stay-at-home orders, Bloomberg Media began offering virtual events in March of last year. The company is now experimenting with ways to take its virtual events strategy to the next level, as the vaccine rollout continues and a return to in-person events draws nearer. http://bit.ly/3ruwVhC
Fox CEO on Network’s Future
Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch said that it is the job of Fox News to serve as the opposition to the Biden administration, clearly stating the political biases of a network that until 2017 billed itself as “fair and balanced.” Speaking at a Morgan Stanley investor conference, Murdoch said Fox News stood to benefit from Biden’s presidency because the network would act as “the loyal opposition” to his administration. http://nbcnews.to/3rk3XkJ

USA Today Adds Housing Reporter
USA Today has hired Swapna Venugopal Ramaswamy as its national housing and economy reporter. She will cover real estate, personal finance and wealth disparities, with a primary focus on home ownership. Ramaswamy, who starts her new position on April 5, is currently an enterprise writer for The Journal News. http://bit.ly/3s83vGE
New Reporters at Insider
Quartz reporter Karen K. Ho has been hired by Business Insider to cover the business of sustainability. She joined Quartz a year ago as global finance and economics reporter. Meanwhile, The Information reporter Tom Dotan has been hired by Insider to cover the gig economy. He will report on Uber, DoorDash, Instacart and all the ways tech is changing the way we work. http://bit.ly/3lAxuEJ
Institutional Investor Adds New Reporter
CNBC.com reporter Will Feuer has been hired by Institutional Investor as a reporter. His first day will be April 5. He will cover financial news. Feuer is a writer on CNBC.com’s health and science team. http://bit.ly/2NC0A9Y
Fortune Reporter Joins New York Magazine
Fortune reporter Jen Wieczner is leaving the publication for a job at New York Magazine. She will start her new job on April 5 and be a features writer covering business, tech, Wall Street and cryptocurrency. Wieczner covers finance, health care and big business for Fortune. http://bit.ly/312Xf6S
Teen Vogue Part Ways with Editor
Condé Nast parted ways with the incoming editor of Teen Vogue, Alexi McCammond, after an uproar among some staffers and readers over racist and homophobic social-media messages she posted a decade ago. The decision comes less than two weeks after the company announced that the 27-year-old Ms. McCammond, formerly a star political reporter for Axios, was coming in to lead the publication. http://on.wsj.com/3tGGwTl
Medium Launches Work Publication
Medium is launching a  new publication called Index, which will focus on work. “At Index, we’ll be digging into the most pressing issues surrounding modern work, including identity, representation, and support in the workplace, as well as remote work, the future of work, leadership, work culture, entrepreneurship, work-life tension, and navigating an ever-shifting economic landscape.” http://bit.ly/3r2aL5u
Substack Faces Backlash
Substack has attracted a number of high-profile writers to its newsletter platform — and it’s not a secret that the venture-backed startup has lured some of them with sizable payments. However, a number of writers publishing via Substack have begun arguing that this strategy makes the company seem less like a technology platform and more like a media company. Some recently departed Substack, calling it a “scam.” http://tcrn.ch/3lNWvMR
Facebook’s New Publishing Platform
The pandemic has prompted many high-profile journalists to leaving newsrooms to launch their own newsletters or websites. Now, tech companies are getting in on the trend. Facebook wants to be a part of the newsletter business, and it’s willing to pay for it. The company will reportedly soon start testing its newsletter product, which will integrate with Pages. As part of that test, Facebook will also court writers, some of whom the company will pay. http://bit.ly/3lC6Ueg
Publishers Find Audiences on Clubhouse
The more users there are on Clubhouse, the more opportunity there is for publishers to try and engage with audiences on yet another platform. Insider, Cosmopolitan, and Yahoo have all hosted rooms on the audio-based social media platform. “The publishers agree that creating and moderating chats on Clubhouse is a relatively low lift from a production standpoint, unlike other virtual panels or events, making it a low barrier to entry.” http://bit.ly/3f2VFu0

New Hire at Axios
Business journalist Hope King, formerly of Cheddar, has been hired by Axios as a reporter. She will focus on breaking stories at the nexus of capital markets, leadership, and emerging industries: space, energy, mobility, and digital marketplaces. https://bit.ly/3crY6om
Staff Moves at STAT News
Usha Lee McFarling has been named national science correspondent at STAT News. She has been the news organization’s Los Angeles correspondent since April 2016. Her new focus will be a project on the obstacles to racial equity in scientific and medical institutions, government, academia, and business. STAT also hired Wired staff writer Megan Molteni. She will start next month. Molteni will cover the biology revolution, including big DNA data, genetic medicine and Crispr. https://bit.ly/3fsYq8p
New Reporter at Fierce Pharma
Noah Higgins-Dunn has been hired by Fierce Pharma as a reporter. He will start April 12. Higgins-Dunn is currently a digital associate for CNBC.com covering the coronavirus. https://bit.ly/2PFrXk1
E&E Adds International Climate Reporter
E&E News has hired Sara Schonhardt as its international climate reporter. Schonhardt has been managing Editor for Internews’ Earth Journalism Network since December 2019, working with journalists around the world to develop and produce stories that look at the human impacts of climate and environmental change. https://bit.ly/3fuw0um
HuffPost Names Editor-in-Chief
HuffPost has named Danielle Belton its new editor-in-chief. Belton starts on April 12 and will be reporting to Mark Schoofs, editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed News. She will be based in New York. Belton joins from The Root where she had been for more than 6 years. She is also the creator/editor of the award-winning pop culture-meets-politics blog, The Black Snob. https://nyti.ms/3syuQSj
Medium Offers Buyouts 
Medium, the website that gives individual writers a platform and in recent years started its own online magazines, has offered voluntary buyouts to all of its editorial staff as it announced it was scaling back its journalism. During a monthly all-hands meeting, the staff members were also told that Siobhan O’Connor, the vice president for editorial since 2018, would be leaving the company. https://nyti.ms/31tEbPG
Quicktake Hits 7.4M Monthly Viewers
Bloomberg Quicktake’s 24-hour live stream channel reached 7.4 million average monthly viewers during its first three full months. Quicktake launched as a channel in November 2020 after originally starting as a short form video platform developed to appeal to a mobile Twitter audience. https://bit.ly/39lsYEU
WSJ Parent Buys Investor’s Business Daily
News Corp., the parent company of The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s announced that it has a deal to acquire Investor’s Business Daily for $275 million. The newspaper has nearly 100,000 digital subscribers across its platforms, and minimal overlap with Dow Jones’s existing subscriber base. A majority of IBD’s annual revenues and profits come from the company’s investor tools, research and analysis products. https://bit.ly/3w1Q11v
Verizon Media to Focus on Yahoo+
Verizon Media Group, the media division within Verizon, has 3 million people that pay for subscriptions across its portfolio of Yahoo-related products, like Yahoo Fantasy, Yahoo Finance and others. Moving forward, the goal will be to rebrand most of its media franchises as Yahoo products, and to focus on selling subscriptions to those products via a rebranded subscription portfolio called “Yahoo Plus.”  https://bit.ly/39nHZWK
Fox Faces Second Defamation Suit
Fox News and its powerful owner, Rupert Murdoch, are facing a second major defamation suit over the network’s coverage of the 2020 presidential election. Dominion Voting Systems, an election technology company that was at the center of a baseless pro-Trump conspiracy theory about rigged voting machines, filed a lawsuit accusing Fox News of advancing lies that devastated its reputation and business. Dominion, which has requested a jury trial, is seeking at least $1.6 billion in damages. https://nyti.ms/2P7lsa9
Ellen DeGeneres Loses 1M Viewers
“The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” a sturdy daytime hit, has had a steep ratings decline since the host addressed accusations by former staff members that led to firings and an internal investigation.  The show lost 1 million viewers since the apologies. https://nyti.ms/31u7RfA
Fox, Newsmax, and OAN’s Viewership
Fox News appeals to a diverse viewership, while Newsmax and OAN tend to attract older, white men, according to a new Pew Research Center report. Fox News reaches nearly half of American adults and over 60 percent of Republican-leaning adults. https://pewrsr.ch/2QHiV6F