RF|Binder Media Intelligence: Monday, October 21

RFB Media Intelligence

New Reuters Reporter in Columbia
Reuters has hired Dow Jones reporter Oliver Griffin to report from Colombia. He will start next month. Griffin is a mining and energy reporter for Dow Jones in Barcelona. 

Skift Hires Hospitality Editor
Skift, which covers the travel and wellness industries, has hired Nancy Trejos as hospitality editor. Trejos was previously a travel writer for USA Today, covering hotels and destinations. 

Facebook, Publishers Reach Deal on News Content
News Corp. has reached a deal to let Facebook feature headlines from The Wall Street Journal and other Dow Jones media properties, as well as the New York Post, in the social-media giant’s upcoming news section. Other publications that have agreed to participate include the Washington Post, BuzzFeed News and Business Insider. News organizations will be paid a licensing fee to supply headlines. 

Business Media Sees Growth in Events
For business publications like Forbes, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, events are an appealing area of growth, offering both custom events for sponsors and building their own event franchises. The Wall Street Journal is seeing double-digit growth in both event sponsorships and attendance, and CMO Suzi Watford said that it’s a substantial and growing revenue line alongside its custom business, The Trust. 

New Success Formula for Late-Night TV
Stormy news cycles, and an audience thirsty for political commentary, have changed what works on TV at 11:35 p.m. Biggest late-night guests now bring a news angle, not a movie clip. 

The Guardian Rethinks Images for Climate Stories
The Guardian is going to be using fewer polar bears and more people to illustrate its coverage of the climate change. “Often, when signaling environmental stories to our readers, selecting an image of a polar bear on melting ice has been the obvious — though not necessarily appropriate — choice. These images tell a certain story about the climate crisis but can seem remote and abstract … people respond to human pictures and stories.”