Creating a World Changing Event from the Ground Up

The inaugural Grounded Summit was created to share and scale the most innovative solutions to our global climate crisis. Julia Jackson, founder, environmentalist and second-generation proprietor for Jackson Family Wines, approached us to help bring her vision to life and launch the inaugural Grounded Summit, an immersive, two-day experience to convert climate crisis into climate action.

Aerial view of the Grounded Summit


Our strategy was to create an experience that connected attendees to critical environmental issues in the most visceral way possible, while bringing to life actionable solutions that would extend the impact far beyond the event itself.

The Summit presented diverse perspectives and issues from highly regarded speakers such as Governor Jerry Brown, Paul Hawken, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson and others that challenged attendees to take immediate action.


Lawrence Bloom, Mindahi Bastida, Ken Kitatani, Nemonte Nenquimo and Mitch Anderson speaking on stage at the Grounded Summit

The Grounded Summit convened world leaders and change-makers to foster and communicate the most forward-thinking solutions to our global climate crisis.

The former president of Iceland speaking to audience on stage at the Grounded Summit
Two people speaking on stage at the Grounded Summit
Three people speaking on stage at the Grounded Summit
Man speaking on stage at the Grounded Summit
Woman speaking to the audience at the Grounded Summit
Quotes from environmentalists that spoke at the Grounded Summit

We designed, directed and produced all aspects of the summit, from naming, brand identity, event graphics, digital projections, run of show, audio design, partnerships and promotion.

Collage of different moments at the Grounded Summit

Our central feature was a 72-foot geodesic dome that came alive with animated projections, scored to original music, locally sourced natural stage sets, multimedia presentations and even olfactory scent-scapes.

Collage of different moments inside the Grounded Summit
Environmental companies that attended the Ground Summit

There was a pervasive sense of urgency after the first Grounded Summit that ignited action and greater understanding for some of the boldest solutions to the global climate emergency.

Social media posts for Grounded
Quotes from attendees of the Grounded Summit


  • 280 attendees from 15 countries
  • 324MM+ earned media impressions
  • 348 media placements
  • 3.9MM+ social media impressions
  • 90% of attendees would come back and recommend Grounded to a friend
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