Igniting Action for Meaningful Change

We partnered with the Rockefeller Foundation to create a global platform to ignite social change for good. Insight Dialogues was a live event and digital content series focused on sparking global conversations and action across the most pressing issues of our time. Within hours of our first event, we had over 786 million impressions and 1,300 media placements from outlets including The New York Times, CBS News and Good Morning America.


Our strategy focused on three key attributes to deliver diverse and impactful messages: the first was to align with high profile A-list celebrities who are passionate advocates through their causes; have a live audience of highly influential figures with strong social presence; and to partner with media outlets that have authentic connections with purpose-led audiences.


We conceptualized, branded, named, designed, produced and launched the event series, securing speakers Robin Wright, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jada Pinkett-Smith for the talks to be hosted by then Rockefeller President, Dr. Judith Rodin.

Jada Pinkett Smith being interviewed at the Rockefeller Foundation's Insight Dialogues event in front of crowd

Robin Wright, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jada Pinkett Smith at the Rockefeller Foundation's Insight Dialogues event

We amplified talks with surround-sound media coverage, driving trending, national attention to the speakers’ key focus areas, which lead conversation surrounding issues that the Rockefeller Foundation supports and funds.

Two men speaking to each other with a microphone at the Rockefeller Foundation's Insight Dialogues event
Jada Pinkett Smith speaking at the Rockefeller Foundation's Insight Dialogues event

Actress Robin Wright advocating gender equality
Social media posts for the Rockefeller Foundation's Insight Dialogues event

Animation of the Rockefeller Foundation's website scrolling down the Insight Dialogues event site page
Branded materials for the Rockefeller's Foundation's Insight Dialogues event


  • 1,300+ earned media hits
  • 809MM+ social media impressions
  • 1.6MM+ video views
  • 31,000+ tweets
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