Johnson’s Baby

In 2012, the Johnson’s Baby team tasked RF|Binder with strengthening brand leadership and regain “best for baby” credentials, while building awareness, trust, and credibility for the brand’s legacy of superior product safety and ingredient policies.
RF|Binder knew that in order to garner brand trust, Johnson’s Baby needed third-party endorsements to credential the brand, and make the brand value an authentic reality for consumers. RF|Binder saw an opportunity in partnerships with influential bloggers and social media stars to create engaging, powerful and meaningful online content, and reach families across America.

Understanding the need for an external voice to drive meaningful brand conversations, we created the Johnson’s Council, a group of long-term influencer partners who produce content and speak out on behalf of the brand, and who could also establish a broad-based footprint for the Johnson’s brands across diverse types of families. We established a program where influencers served as media ambassadors and brand advocates, provided support for brand campaigns, and produced year-round high-quality and dynamic blog and social media content.

Through exclusive access, impactful experiences and in-person connection to Johnson’s Baby, the Council has been educated, empowered, and evolved to become highly engaged brand advocates. Since its founding, Council members have had the opportunity to create unique blog and social posts to support product launches, to engage in interactive site visits and exclusive events, and more.
Today, the Council consists of more than 40 diverse General Market and Hispanic parent, lifestyle and beauty bloggers and social stars, ever-adapting as the social landscape continues to rapidly change. Over the past five years, the Johnson’s Baby Council has generated more than 195 million media and social media impressions, growing from only 94,000 impressions in the first year. The forming of the Council helped to position Johnson’s Baby as the number one baby skincare brand, driving consumer trust, and building genuine brand advocates.






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